adventures: bruny island || tasmania

I am so very sorry that I missed yesterday's goodbye sunday post but there is good reason!! I went on a wonderful adventure/camping trip to Bruny Island in Tasmania and honestly it was the best trip I have been on in quite some time. Instead of saying much in this post I'm going to post a few pictures of Bruny Island in all it's magnificence and leave it at that.

our first day we walked to the top of 'the neck'.
the neck, bruny island || tasmania

the water was the most clear i have ever seen.
the neck, bruny island || tasmania

it was absolutely freezing but it didn't stop me from getting an artsy shot.
the neck, bruny island || tasmania

my first ever hike, three and a half hours return and it was so worth it.
cloudy bay, bruny island || tasmania

i don't know whether or not you can tell but i really like the sunset.
the neck, bruny island || tasmania

with fifteen of us on this trip it was definitely one to remember and I can not stress enough that my friends are the greatest people.

chloe, xo.


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